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I have listed the resources that are grounded in theory and which have been powerful in providing insight and guidance for those seeking.

Also you will find the current client resource link which is password protected. You must be in therapy with me to access this part

of the website material.

Directional Signs

Adult Mental Health 

It's important to prioritize mental health and seek help when needed. These resourcse can be a valuable tool for those who may be struggling but are not a replacement for individual therapy. 

Parent and Child


Learning parenting skills is crucial for raising happy and healthy children. Effective parenting skills can help you build a strong bond with your child, promote positive behavior, and reduce stress and conflict in the family. 


Addiction & Betrayal Trauma

Here's a list of resources that might be helpful for those struggling with addiction. Remember, addiction is a complex issue and seeking help is a brave step towards recovery.

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